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    How Secured Are You?
    It has been garnered over time that 70% of vulnerabilities affect Web
    Applications. And our experience shows that nine out of ten customers have
    at least one serious hole that could lead to customer data disclosure or total
    system compromise. Thats why at PhynxLabs, We provide solutions for dynamic,
    black box testing of Web applications to protect your Website against hack attacks.
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    Securing Your Web Applications
    You are devoted to making your web applications secure, applied all the latest patches,
    installed an intrusion-detection system, double checked the rules on the firewalls.
    Nevertheless, have you done enough? Do you know if you’ve left some holes unplugged?
    Do you know of any potential flaw or vulnerability that could leave your web application
    open to exploitation?
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    Security Code Reviews
    PhynxLabs has a very experienced and mature code review team that works with your
    internal developers to improve the development process and provide you with a more
    secure product. 
    At PhynxLabs, We conduct detailed inspections & analysis of application source code of
    your application for vulnerabilities.

Welcome to PhynxLabs

PhynxLabs is an ICT Consultancy firm that specializes in providing top notch security services ranging from
Information Security Management, Network Security, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing,
Computer Forensics and Ethical Hacking Trainings.

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Our Services

We provide best solution for your business

Penetration Testing

Malicious attacks on your network can create severe consequences, such as disruption of service, business interruption, and lost revenue.
At PhynxLabs, we provide vulnerability assessment and Penetration test services in order to uncover existing vulnerabilities, identify potential threats, detect errors and assess the effectiveness of information security initiatives implemented.


PhynxLabs offers a full range of services designed to anticipate and meet the changing needs of your enterprise. Keeping compliant with the myriad of regulations that currently abound is one of the major challenges facing the enterprise and its leaders today.

Ethical Hacking Training

Our penetration testing training course is a great place to start your journey towards becoming a professional penetration tester. If you're looking for a practical and intensive course to kick you into the world of penetration testing, you've come to the right place!

Why PhynxLabs?

We at Phynxlabs provide top notch Security Services ranging from Code Review, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and IT Security Consultancy. With a team of formidable Veterans whose expertise in IT Security remains unquestioned, we help to address security loopholes, if left unattended to would result into attacks that will affect your business directly.


Key Client Benefits

By using PhynxLabs to help secure your organization, you’ll realize the following benefits:

  • Improved security posture for all Information Assets tested
  • Reduced risk and liability
  • Reduced costs for security assessment
  • Reduced development and testing costs
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