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Every minute of every day there are organized crimes and cyber attackers turning the doorknobs on your house looking for an unlocked entry. They are rattling the windows, circling your domicile, looking for a weakness, a vulnerability, or a way into your house. Are you going to let them in? Are you going to sit idly by and watch as they ransack your belongings, make use of your facilities, and desecrate your sanctuary? Or are you going to prevent them from winning?

Do not despair, all hope is not lost. We at Phynxlabs provide top notch security services ranging from Penetration Testing, Code Review, Vulnerability Assessment and IT Security Consultancy. With a team of formidable Veterans whose expertise in IT Security remains unquestioned, we help to address security loopholes, if left unattended to would result into attacks that will affect your business directly.

Key Customer Benefits

By using PhynxLabs to help secure your Web applications, you’ll realize the following benefits:

Improved security posture for all Web applications tested

Reduced risk and liability

Reduced costs for security assessment

Reduced development and testing costs

Faster time-to-market for internally developed applications

There are other firms who offer application security testing, we try to be better, faster and cheaper.

Do you have an application penetration testing need right now?

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